Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Romatic Era Dress

From the seller:

A rare and beautiful 1820’s green changeable silk dress. It is all hand stitched. The green silk has a changeable quality with a mauve undertone The dress has a high empire waistline and Gigot styled sleeves. The tops of the sleeves have stitched down pleating that is held in place with a darker shade of green bands. The bodice has a cross over fan pleated front. The neck, shoulders, armscyes and inner seam on the sleeves are all piped. The bodice is lined with linen and has a back hook and eye closure. The skirt is fully lined with a brown printed fabric. The waist has a band of tan linen. The dress is in very good museum quality condition. There is no underarm discoloration and no holes in the silk fabric. There is a tiny spot of wear on the piping on one shoulder and some very minor stress marks under one arm. There are a couple of tiny age spots along the bottom of the skirt front. The dress is for display only. Bust 30 Waist 22 Skirt length 37.

From Me:

This is one of those originally created in the 1820's but redone in the 1830's dresses. The pleating of the sleeves was probably done in the later era although the rest of the dress looks more like the construction of the earlier one.

Monday, November 17, 2014

1910's Evening Dress

From the seller:

Rare delicate beauty in near perfect condition. Edwardian period layered silk illusion netting gown with silver lame liner and gold shot thread and sequins. Layers of the silk netting with tassels on bodice and bottom of skirt. In excellent wearable condition with just a few small pulls to the netting. Chest measures 38" waist 28", length 52".

From Me:

There is no such thing as wearable condition when it comes to antique garments like this. End of story.

It's also not Edwardian - it's post Edwardian. Probably 1914 ish.

Mid 19th Century Bonnet

From the seller:

Beautiful olive green silk looks grey in the pictures but it is really great condition....all hand show that the silk covers wooden or bamboo stays to form the pleating or gathering on seems to be on the small side so this bonnet was for a tiny women or a child...tulle lining is is separated on the inside back....the silk is lovely...even the silk ribbon ties are crisp and ironed....a few dark spots on the back"see pics"...I found this amazing bonnet in this condition at a estate sale stored In a turn of the century hat box where it has been ever since..I have never even displayed it...I think this could easily be a museum piece...

From Me:

...I think someone needs to get out of the 21st century think for a bit if they can't figure out reed rather than bamboo. Bamboo wasn't even a "thing" 20 years ago - all it was then was either a)Panda food or b) Pier 1 imports furniture. Now it's curtains, fabric, and flooring. ....

Anyway, 1850's based on the overall shape.

Turn of the Century Winter Gown

From the seller:

Yikes! Rare to find on the open market, is this most opulant regal presentation gown and robe, dating to the late 19th early 20thc. With label that reads Drecol, Vienna. The quality of materials and construction of these pieces were reserved for only the most wealthy of the period. Two pieces, an outer robe and the gown. The figured gold lame and silk outer robe features, pearl and glass cased diamante French paste swag front closure, the robe trimmed out in ermine and is sleeveless with great full train, unlined except for trim areas.

The gown's bodice is fully lined and stayed with dense front panel of the pearls and paste running vertically the length of gown, the gown is cased in gold lame under this is cream silk faille, gold lace sleeves over gold lame. Not perfect and will need conservation, missing many rhinestones, the pearl swag with losses, tarnish to the gold lame, some scattered holes to the silk faille of gown, weakness and breaks to the gold lame at shoulders of the robe, missing linings of the ermine, and some loss of stitches to the ermine.

Chest on gown 32", waist 24", length in front 51" with train 59.

Robe length in front 52" in back 74"

From Me:

This is so something Princess Leia would have worn on the ice planet of Hoth...

Just sayin'...

Anyway, late 1890's based on the sleeves of this dress.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Teens Era, Poss. WWI, Green Evening Dress

From the seller:

1914 green satin draped in silk tulle decorated with tiny gelatin sequins. The bodice of the gown has an inner camisole to which the top center front lace has been applied. The neckline is a v-line and the lace has been supported with white tulle. Hooks and snaps close the bodice. The green silk is set to the outside of the lace and crosses onto the back over the shoulders creating a scoop neckline in back. Over the green is draped fine black silk tulle that is decorated with tiny gelatin sequins. The tulle is attached around the seam line on the back at the base of the scoop neckline and tacked in several places on the front sides. The tulle drapes down the center back of the gown and comes to point when it is joined with a tassel. Two more tassels are attached on the right and left center front sides of the tulle. The sheer silk tulle sleeves are attached to the camisole. The silk under the arms needs restoration. There are holes and discoloration. Stabilizing from underneath is the way to go. Around the waist is a pleated green satin sash that snaps to the waist for closure. There are several places where the snaps have pulled through the fabric. The skit has a matching silk tulle over drape that wraps around the skirt and meets low on the center back of the skirt to join with a matching beaded tassel. The skirt has two layers of green silk.

SIZE: B-34, W-25, H-42, LNG-59, SH-17, SL-27

From Me:

It's later than 1914 with that dropped waist. Most likely WWI era.

1890's Bodice

From the seller:

This Victorian waist is from the 1900s-1920s.
It is probably handmade and has been kept in good condition.
There are some black marks on the sleeves, front, and back. I have taken a picture of most of them, mainly the biggest ones.
There are a couple holes on the back above the bow, and there are a few larger holes underneath the left armpit area.
The hooks and boning are still intact.
The color is a peachy pink with a creamy, though slightly discolored with time, lace.
Made for very petite women, possibly even for a child.

The puffed sleeves are 16" long.
The front is 14.5" long from the collar and 11.5" across.

From Me:
Completely 1890's with those sleeves of doom!
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